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Although the star activity is the kayak routes, we have more proposals for you. Discover them all!

imatge aèria d'un grup de piragüistes al riu Ebre
Kayak routes

The most popular activity, but no less interesting: a canoe route to discover the Ebro river downstream, between two towns.

But don’t think it will be a normal route. Our activities are exclusive, so once you book with us, we will not put you together with any other group.

In addition, a monitor will accompany you at all times, in order to be able to explain the environment you will be seeing, its animals and its history. Small curiosities that will enrich the activity.

A unique and uncrowded experience. Enter and discover the different routes and their characteristics

Kayak & Memory

What happens if you combine canoeing and Historical Memory in a river like the Ebro?

Well, you get a sensational experience where you learn many unknown aspects of the Spanish Civil War, and, more specifically, the Battle of the Ebro, while you tour the scene where it took place.

In this activity, in addition to the canoe monitor, we will be accompanied by a guide specialized in the Spanish Civil War who will explain different episodes of the conflict at the same place where they happened, where many times we can still see evidence of those turbulent days.

Ready to sail along the Ebro and through history?

explicació sobre la batalla de l'Ebre per part de Maite de Terra Enllà
Blauet sobre una canya
Birdwatching in canoe

If you like to observe nature and want to know the birds that live on the banks of the Ebro, this is your activity.

A quiet kayak route where, with the help of binoculars, we will try to discover where the birds that inhabit the Ebro hide, investigating the most hidden areas of the river.

The monitor who guides the activity, very knowledgeable about the birds of the area, will help us to find and identify all the birds that we can find, some of their nests and their characteristics.


The mountains of our territory would be nothing without the Ebro that embraces them, but the Ebro would also be nothing without these mountains.

Come and discover spectacular hiking routes for all levels.

Get to know the mountains watered by the Ebro on routes that, like all the other activities we offer, will be exclusive, guided and without crowds.

contrallum d'excursionista dins d'una balma

Why do an activity with Enblau?

We are currently the only company in the area that ensures that everyone who visits us has a personalized experience. How do we get it? Quite simply, we do not put groups together in the activities on order, and each group is accompanied by at least one instructor, regardless of the number of people who make up the group, even if it is only one. The monitor, in addition to ensuring safety, will adapt the pace and interests of the group, resolve all doubts and be there in case of need.

In this way, the visitor will be attended to at all times. There will be no need to waste time waiting for a group that arrives late, or go faster than we would like because another group is in a hurry or takes the trip in a different way. Those who want a more contemplative journey will have it, and those who want a more playful journey too, because no other group will set the pace for you.

Definitely if you come with us you will have an activity 100% adapted to your group.