The Hermitages and the Cova Lluminosa

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3h 30min.

A large part of the path passes through the forest, so, even though there are some stretches of solana, the route is feasible throughout the year.

It is important to wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable and suitable for the mountain (is better if you go in boots) and a minimum of one liter of water per person. If it rains the day before the route it is advisable to bring a waterproof jacket.

This hiking route is the most appropriate to get to know and understand the history of Cardó on a morning route, as it gives the possibility to visit many of the hermitages that are scattered throughout the Valley and to get to know some of the most unknown and beautiful places of this place

The excursion will take us to the Ermita de l’Àngel, the old entrance to the hermitage from Rasquera, a curious hermitage with a piece of wall still standing.

We will also see the Cova Lluminosa (Luminous cave), which owes its name to the light it receives from the sun, which, at certain times of the day, illuminates it and makes it shine. In addition, the stretch of road that crosses this curious cave is an example of how the people of the spa worked to keep the roads fixed so that the mules could pass.

At the Ermita de Sant Roc we can fill the canteen in the spring of the same name with fresh water that springs naturally and which has always been attributed healing properties.

Obviously, we will not finish the route without passing by the emblematic Ermita de la Columna, a hermitage built on top of a stone spire.

In total we will be able to visit 9 of the 14 hermitages that are scattered throughout this peculiar valley.

Un pare i el seu fill baixant a la terrasa de l'ermita de la Columna, a Cardó
Santa Agnes hermitage. In Cardó
Hiking in a forest of cardó with kids
Observing the landscape from the Font de Santa Agnes.
Landscape over Cardó valley
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hermitages and Cova Lluminosa (3h 30') prices



Under 13 years old


75€ total

more of 3

20€ per person


  • 75€ is the minimum to be able to participate in the activity.

  • Recommended from 6 years old. Check possibilities for younger children.

  • Children carried in a baby carrier backpack do not pay.

  • If desired, there is the option to rent a baby carrier backpack (5€).


It’s recommended to come dressed in comfortable and suitable clothing and footwear for the activity, taking into account the time of year. Especially in winter, it is advisable to bring a waterproof jacket and warm clothing just in case.

It’s important to always carry water, especially in the summer.

If you want to bring children, there’s no problem; we have routes adapted for little boys and girls. There’s also the option to rent a baby carrier backpack. In any case, let us know at the time of booking, and we will advise you to find the route that best suits the little ones.