un noi i una noia arribant a Miravet amb piragua

Benissanet – Miravet

A short route, but one that has everything.

This stretch of river will allow us to enjoy the best of the Ebro in a short time. We will start in an area of ??calm waters that will allow us to practice if we are beginners, to continue downstream passing some of the most emblematic places, such as Pas de Barca de Miravet. And we will end all this with the spectacular arrival in Miravet.

The best way to enjoy with your family and friends!

Technical sheet



Approximate time


Minimum age

3 years

Recommended time

The whole year


Very simple, does not require much physical effort. It's perfect to do with small children

dos persones anant en caiac cap a Miravet
dos noies arribant a Miravet en caiac
una persona anant en piragua per davant del pas de barca de Miravet
en caiac a la sortida del galatxo de Benissanet
un grup de noies i nois navegant en piragua per sota els arbres al riu Ebre
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Short route




60€ total

4 or more

20€ per person

- Children aged 8 and under do not pay if they do not occupy a place.

- Children aged 8 or younger who occupy a place pay €15

- Children aged 8 or under do not count towards the total number of group members, as they enjoy special discounts.

For reservations, we ask for confirmation of the number of people the day before. If you do not notify us of changes before 9 p.m. the day before, we cannot guarantee the possibility of having more canoes available and, if the group is smaller than what was reserved, you will have to pay €15 per space not presented


Pots començar per una visita al casc antic del poble de Miravet. Segur que els seus carrers costeruts i estrets, alguns d’ells a la vora del penya-segat que dóna al riu, no et deixaran amagar la càmera fotogràfica ni un segon. Aquests mateixos carrers et portaran fins a l’església vella, una església renaixentista construïda damunt d’una antiga mesquita musulmana. Més informació al web de turisme Miravet

També pots visitar el castell de Miravet, conquerit per Ramon Berenguer IV als àrabs i cedit a l’Ordre del Temple, que el va ampliar i hi va construir a sobre fins a construir el castell que, a hores d’ara, es pot veure. Més informació a la web del Castell de Miravet

Visita un dels 8 tallers de ceràmica, un antic art artesanal que continua en actiu gràcies a la feina dels Canterers de Miravet. Més informació al web de turisme Miravet


In the summer you must wear clothes and shoes that can get wet. It is better that the footwear is well held on the foot. If possible, you should avoid wearing flip flops, as it is easier to lose them and they are not as comfortable for doing the activity. We recommend wearing a t-shirt during the activity, to avoid possible sunburn and the rubbing of the life jacket on the skin.

During the activity it is important to bring water, mosquito repellent and sun protection (sun cream, cap and sunglasses). It is also recommended to bring spare clothes for after the activity.

It is necessary to protect electronic devices, such as cameras or telephones, and if possible, to tie the glasses, especially if they are prescription. At Enblau we have some watertight drum and ropes, but we cannot guarantee that we will always have them available.

Individual kayaks are comfortable, stable and very manoeuvrable. They are of the so-called “closed” or “sit-in” which gives them extra stability, and on winter routes they are the most suitable because they prevent us from getting wet from the waist down. They are our recommendation for people without experience, as they make it easier to learn to kayak.

Double kayaks are so-called “sit-on-top” or unsinkable. They are a little less maneuverable than the single ones, due to their larger volume, but they allow up to two adults and two small children to be carried comfortably. It is advisable that paddlers already have previous experience, but it is not essential. They are also suitable for large people.

In winter it is important to wear a thermal sweater or one that keeps the body warm and a waterproof jacket. We leave spraydecks to prevent your legs from getting wet with the splashes that can occur when paddling. At this time it is also advisable to have at least two changes of clothes; one to take during the activity in a waterproof bag and another to leave in the car for when we finish the activity.

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